Stereo SEM Images

(Click on image for full size photo)


Sawed, then fractured sapphire crystal with sintered coating


Surface anomalies on silicon carbide fiber


Etched Aluminum @ 400x


SEM Images


Image of crystal "city" on a tungsten lamp filament - magnification 400x

Image of a portion of the same area - magnification 700x

Image of a portion of the previous area - magnification 1000x

  First photo ever taken (by me) on my SEM. This guy was chewing on me before his portrait was taken.

  Here's a picture of his "knee" - magnification 400x - those suckers (!) are tiny!

  Piece of fractured silicon - magnification 1000x

Piece of silicon carbide fiber with "growth" - magnification 1000x - fiber is 74 microns dia.