Here are some sample tunes:


(Click text to play MP3 file - you may have to download if the selection won't play - email = wwalt@waltielabs.org)


"Hop2" is a little test Jazz intro

"Roll" is a kind of flowing big band tune with horns

"Click" is Latin with horns and percussive counterpoint

"Double-4" is an intro for a project that went nowhere

"Double2" same as "Double-4

"Bluestest3" - just some standard piano blues

"Testgroove" - piano and organ

"U8-pi" was some private-eye background for an answering machine message

"Zoom" is semi-funky, big band Jazz, with horns - You try it!

"B Pump" blues with horns, piano and organ

"U2-Buzz" - I dunno, what do you think?

"Doo-Doo-Girls" like a chase scene in the movies

"aa-u8" Latin Jazz with guitars and everything



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